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Pro tip for comic book artists: No human being alive sits like that as a way of relaxing. This is beyond ridiculous. 

Let’s examine the context of the image. Mary Jane is sitting on her couch, drinking coffee, wondering if Peter will be safe or perhaps wondering if he’ll ever give up crime fighting and settle down for a normal life. As I don’t know the complete context of whatever comic this is from, I cannot say what else she might be thinking.

Let’s examine the posture. She’s sitting in a way where her back is arched so her boobs are pushed out, followed by her arms squeezing them to make them look bigger. Even her legs are bent oddly as to suggest that at least one of those feet is going to fall asleep soon. 

Look, I get it. Mary Jane is hot, but for Christ’s sake, this is why girls feel alienated from comics. This is not how a human lounges. This isn’t even how a human sits, looking worried or upset. This is how someone sits when they are trying to be sexy and even that is debatable as this pose looks really uncomfortable and unnatural. This is what we’re talking about when we say ‘male gaze’.

Also? It makes you look like a terrible artist when you do this. Let’s pretend sexism doesn’t exist for a moment. I wouldn’t give this image a pass because Mary Jane looks awful here. It’s really jarring to look at and it’s obvious eye candy in what seems like it’s supposed to be a serious image. If you want to be serious, be serious. If you want to draw cheesecake, draw cheesecake. You can’t have both.

I have feelings about comic art, okay? 

Also her waist seems to be about a third the width of her shoulders and hips. Salma Hayek is around a .60 Waist-Hip ratio. 

wow that pose definitely looks uncomfortable

Am I the only one who notices the weirdness of her wrists/hands too? This is just terrible.

Is that Rob Liefeld? Wouldn’t surprise me.


sonne ilu

ilu guys but you need to arch your back too

God, I’d love it if that pose became a meme. XD

them picure responses lolol

They should totally make that a meme.

At first I was srs

Then I lol’d

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I tremendously hate it when artists do that whole boobs-and-ass-facing-forward shitty pose. You’d be surprised how common it is, even among non-deviantart artists!

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‘Mass Effect Invasion’ coming next month

The first issue of Mass Effect Invasion will be available from October 26th with the second issue following in November.

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Why Cleavage is Bad for Crimefighting

Sure it’s hot and all. But COME ON! Be practical!

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