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Snake Eater - by Aaron Minier

Website | deviantART

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I’m dying.

this is the greatest thing in the world

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Solid “STENCIL” Snake by OSKUNK

 24”x30” stenciled, I think this stencil took me the longest time! Like the Batman canvas  , I will soon be selling online.

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I made number 3 on a list of the top video game-inspired kicks by Complex, so I have decided to throw in a bonus list for today.

I call it a bonus list because a majority of the shoes on this list are not actually shoes, but concepts, and a great many of them could not be produced as they are designed, but I’m a picky blogger.

Also my shoes are better than the ugly Mario Chucks at number one so don’t mind me while I sit here and hate… those Atari kicks are clean though.

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Recently bought the HD Collection. Finally have all the Metal Gear games once again. Story driven games like these are so hard to come by these days. The best series out there, by far. Pick it up if you haven’t already.

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