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‘Naoto on a motorbike’ Part 2!

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still can’t stop gushing about the motobike/vespas ahhhhh

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Persona 4 The Golden PS Vita Accessory Set

Release Date: 14th June 2012

Price: 2932 yen

Accessory set from Hori, consist of a pouch, protective cover and decoration stickers.

Probably sold at all the usual online retailers as well. I know Amazon JP already has a listing out.

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You and me…ending up so differently, when we have the same powers…Why do you think that is?

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» “I believed in you.”

» Oh, really…? Just what was it about me that made you want to believe in me so bad?
» Well? I don’t have anything to say to YOU. If crimes could be solved by appealing to morality, we wouldn’t need the police!
» The person you believed in was a version of me who only existed in your head. You decided on your own to believe in me, and that decision betrayed you. Why complain about it to me?

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