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"Reset" ~"Thank You"~ ver.
Hiroshi Yamaguchi  - Okami Original Soundtrack (DISC 4)   (409 plays)


“Reset” ~”Thank You”~ ver. - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

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Old School Reading Rainbow Theme Song

butterfly in the sky

i can go twice as high

take a look

it’s in a book

a reading rainbow

i can go anywhere

friends to know

ways to grow

a reading rainbow

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I would kill to have a side movie about Cure Flower.

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Gitaroo-man is One of Ps2 most Obscure cult classics. Developed by iNiS, published by Koei and released state side in 2002. The game is a rhythmic game that is practically tracing to the music of the band COIL, but it’s a lot of fun, Check it out if you can find it there is also a PSP version called “Gitaroo Man Live!”

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This rose is our destiny, guided forth
The two of us now meet once again

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