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Another reason why FF6 IS SO AMAZIN’ I SWEAR.


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Mega Man Legends 3’s Barrett, dancing. YouTube user SwordMasamune extracted the real in-game model from Capcom’s model viewer, and then animated it. This was done back in June, according to the YouTube posting date, so it wasn’t meant as a weird eulogy to the game.

Speaking of that 3D model, it’s still up, as is Aero’s. So if you know how to pull these off the site (and you want them), you should save these now, just as you should every MML3-related media you can find. I think I’m still missing a few wallpapers myself.

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Ni no Kuni Gets New Trailer, coming Early 2012 in North America and Europe

In addition to the release of this new trailer, Namco Bandai has confirmed that they will be bringing Ni no Kuni to North America and Europe instead of Level-5 under the title of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

The game is expected to launch early 2012 for the two regions.

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Something about Berubara scenes out of context are always hilarious. 

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♪ Rodeo Machine  produced by HALFBY 

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生麦茶 - click on the image, it will load a video (of the drawing process) and watch it. It’s amazing (you can also control the speed of the video). 

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This Is A Painting of the Day: Japanese painter Riusuke Fukahori uses a patience-trying technique to paint 3D fish by drawing them one 2D resin-sealed layer at a time.

Understand the process better by watching the video below:


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